Lutong Pinoy: Taste Filipino Cuisine in North Miami Beach (Photos)

Get yer hot, fresh pig snout!

Sizzling pig's face -- that would be the best way to describe the Filipino dish called sizzling sisig. It's a sour, pungent recipe, one that employs minced hog's ears, snout, tongue, and brains. At Lutong Pinoy in North Miami Beach, you can try it with just ears and snout.


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A selection of readymade dishes, including pork and vegetables and fried scad fish.

The kitchen boils the pig parts and then cooks them over a flame with chilies, soy sauce, citrus, and vinegar. When it arrives to your table, the sizzling sisig ($9.95) sputters fat from its fajita-like platter. It tastes intense, and its texture is meaty, chewy, and slightly firm.


Inside Lutong Pinoy

At this small, 3-month-old restaurant, offal lovers can also get a taste of beef innards. The papaitan ($5.99) is a robust stew with cow's liver, tripe, heart, and bile -- a traditional ingredient in Filipino cookery.


Pork skewers

Less adventuresome eaters can sample egg rolls, breaded eggplant, deep-fried round scad fish, and sautéed pork with vegetables ($4.99). Starting this week, the restaurant will also serve a selection of street food-inspired dishes. And just about everyone can end their meal with halo-halo, a sweet concoction that combines crushed ice with evaporated milk, jellies, and sweet beans.


It's refreshing enough to wash down any entrée -- fried fish, pig snout, or beef heart.

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